About Kulamanu

Kulamanu is nestled on the northwestern face of Mt. Haleakala, in what is commonly called the upper Kula area on the island of Maui.

Kulamanu covers approximately 52 acres and ranges approximately 550 feet in elevation from 2450 feet to 3000 feet.

The rugged terrain is caused by a series of gulches, the most prominent being Pohakuokala Gulch, which gives Kulamanu its special character. The topography of the property result in a slope ranging from isolated flat areas to virtual cliffs.

A grassy park area combined with the gulches provides the basis for the open common recreational areas. These areas are available to the residents for picnics or exploring unique rock formations

Kulamanu is a development consisting of two sections, Kulamanu Estates and Kulamanu Ridge with a total of 110 lots.

Jacaranda Grove is part of Kulamanu Estates. The first phase consists of 42 home sites averaging 12,000 s.f. each. All but 2 lots have occupied residences on them. Thirty two (32) of the 40 existing homes were designed and built by Henry Lindsey.

And each home showcase Lindsey’s commitment of maintaining a high degree of architectural integrity while maximizing views for all homeowners. Having a full understanding of the terrain, homes were designed and placed on each lot to set in the natural landscape while maximizing every single homeowners view. From the west side of Kulamanu, looking up, it looks like “stadium seating”. Each home has a view without being overstated.


  • 2700’ Elevation
  • 74° High
  • 55° Low
  • 85° Record High
  • 41° Record Low
  • 35” Annual rainfall

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