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Jacaranda Grove
Jacaranda Grove Jacaranda Grove

Designed to enhance the quality of your life

Each home showcases Lindsey’s commitment of maintaining a high degree of architectural integrity while maximizing views for all homeowners. Having a full understanding of the terrain, homes were designed and placed on each lot to set in the natural landscape while maximizing every single homeowners view, building a community, not just a bunch of houses.

Jacaranda Grove - a step beyond

In Jacaranda Grove, this concept is taken to the next level. The entire subdivision has been planned, designed, constructed and graded with the utmost commitment to the concept of a natural setting of island homes. Views are maximized as well as protected with building tree height restrictions.

Room to stretch!

And with twice the land for each site to work on, the results are fabulous. Most home sites vary up to 17’ in elevation, and with roof heights designed with this in mind, panoramic views are possible with views of West Maui, Maalaea, Kahoolawe, Molokini as well as Haleakala.

Enhanced comfort level

Choice of window locations, use of thermo (dual) glazed windows, insulation, and concrete stem wall construction design not only maximizes views but also quality of life, reducing sound transfer and creating private intimate homes. Entering a Lindsey home, one senses the feeling of security and belonging.

E komo mai!



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