Building Quality Maui Homes for Generations

Building homes on Maui - family traditions

Ridgeline Homes, Inc. is a Lindsey family corporation, owned and managed by the third generation of Lindseys building homes on Maui.

The tradition of a “job worth doing is a job worth doing well” has been handed down from fathers to sons. Proud to put in a hard days work and achieve a level of fulfillment and satisfaction. To experience this is to understand it.

At Ridgeline Homes, Inc. this legacy is carried on. It is the cornerstone of our company. Our staff and people are well trained and experienced in building on Maui. Whatever we do, we do consistently well. Our commitment is more than just a job…it’s our lives.

Designed and built where and how you want to live on Maui

As home builders on Maui for over 40 years, the Lindsey’s has experience in almost every aspect of construction, from designing your ideas on paper to planting the final blades of grass. This includes complete home construction, remodeling and additions. Whether you need a new home, a cottage, ohana, barn, garage or farm dwelling.

Earth moving experience on Maui

With an array of heavy equipment we can handle all aspects of site work, from simple lot clearing, trenching and tree removal to rock busting, gravity walls, septic systems, underground utilities, subdivision infrastructure, landscaping and even hydro-mulching.

Solid as a rock

Our experience also includes extensive knowledge of concrete, from simple sidewalks, slabs and driveways to hillside retaining walls and waterfalls!


Ridgeline Homes Maui Contractors
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Custom homes for Maui living

Ridgeline Homes

Ridgeline Homes

Ridgeline Homes

Ridgeline Homes

Ridgeline Homes